Are you a model or an influencer seeking to build a professional portfolio while shooting in a fun, supportive and creative environment? If yes, then Ash K Photography’s shoots & Workshops are the perfect platform for aspiring and professional models. Ash has been working with models since the beginning of his professional career and has helped hundreds of models add stunning images to their portfolios. These workshops are paid, Models are compensated for their time and efforts and even receive professionally edited images from the shoot along with shout-outs on @ashkphotography and @bnemodels Instagram accounts.


IFM Awards 2020 Fashion Photographer of the Year | Courier Mail Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Brisbane | Easy Weddings Top 5 Star Rated Brisbane Wedding Photographer | Mega Photographers Global Ambassador.


Model spots are often filled up quickly. Please be sure to submit the application form if interested and we will contact you for a shoot and confirm. Thank you.

Kindly fill in your details and I will get back to you.


Ash K

Brisbane Fashion Photographer

Ash K, is an Indian born, Australian professional portrait and wedding photographer. With more than 10 Yrs. of commercial photography experience, Ash operates as the director at Hallmark Photography Brisbane.

Your first foot in the door is having a great portfolio. A professional set of images will separate you from the crowd and help leave an everlasting impression.

Ash has been working with models and influencers for more than a decade now and has helped hundreds of clients add stunning images to their portfolios. Ash is based in Brisbane and even travels to other cities including Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne for shoots.



The following are answers to some frequently asked questions. However, if you have a question that I haven't answered below, please feel free to email me and I would be happy to answer the same.

I dont have prior modeling experience can I still apply?
  • We do prefer hiring experienced models for our photography workshops, however we ocassionally even provide aspiring models an opportunity to model for our workshops and shoots. So, do feel free to apply and we might get in touch with you.
How much can I expect to get paid?
  • The payment rate is decided based on multiple factors like shoot type, location, shoot duration, model’s experience etc. We will contact you to discuss about the modeling rate for a workshop that you have been selected for.
What do I bring to the workshop / shoot?
  • Bring 2-3 sets of clothes, including shoes, belts, jewellery and accessories.
  • For plus size clients it’s a good idea to keep to long sleeves and darker coloured clothing. Choose necklines that are flattering, i.e. v-necks.
Would hair and makeup be provided?
  • Hair and makeup artist is not provided.
  • Models are expected to do their own basic hair and make up.
How should I prepare for the workshop?
  • Finger and toenails should be either freshly painted or all traces of nail polish removed. Make sure your cut, colour, waxing or any other personal grooming requirements are done prior to your shoot.
Do you Photoshop the photos?
  • All photos are edited and color corrected to make sure exposure, white balance and skin tones are right. We even do skin retouching and blemishes removal. However, if there are certain photos that you have chosen and you would like them to be further enhanced, we can do it for you at an extra cost.
How many photos do you take?
  • On an average Ash ends up clicking a few hundred photos. We then go through all the images and delete imperfect images where eyes are blinking etc. and narrow it down to your best images from the shoot. So you can expect around 15-20 images in your gallery.
How soon do we get to see the photos?
  • Standard delivery takes 4-6 weeks. However, if you want the images sooner, they can be provided at an extra cost.
Are the images watermarked?
  • yes, the images are watermarked to retain Ash K Photography’s copyrights and prevent unauthorized use.
Do I get the copyright?
  • The copyright is owned by Ash K Photography managed by Hallmark Photography Brisbane and partially shared with the model. Ash K Photography has the copyright to use your images for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes the model has the copyright to use and distribute them for non-commercial/personal use (considering text credits are provided to me @AshKPhotography where ever the images are posted or shared). If you do not want me to use your images or films for marketing purposes then you can sign a non-disclosure agreement at an additional cost.
How soon do I get paid?
  • You are paid on the day of the shoot. The payment options may include PayPal, Bank Transfer or a Prepaid Visa Card.
Can I get paid in cash?
  • Unfortunately NO. We run a legitimate Australian business and only use payment methods which are accountable.